Our WANs, or wide area networks, provide reliable telecommunications depending on your needs. Whether you need private network connections or wireless backups, BrightStar has you covered.

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Why Choose BrightStar?

What We Do

When you need to connect securely, back up your servers, or simply use some extra support for your network infrastructure, BrightStar provides the WAN solutions that give you maximum control and outcomes.


For businesses who want the benefits of a VPN between multiple sites, we offer a Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS). VPLS is a technology that allows you to build a private network over any Internet-routed network. This allows you to have a very reliable private network connected to our world-class infrastructure.


Our MPLS Service is a virtual private network that securely connects two or more locations over a private MPLS network and are secured through encryption. MPLS IP VPN services are used by businesses to provide a secure, reliable connection for important applications including credit card processing, data backup, file sharing, MPLS VoIP, and remote access.

Wireless Backup

BrightStar’s wireless backup services provide your business with space in a data center on servers and equipment that can directly connect to the Internet for a secure online data backup. Businesses use wireless data backup services to provide secure, reliable, and redundant space and connectivity for storage of important data.


BrightStar provides your business with space and operational support for your network infrastructure in a secure data center that we maintain and manage, decreasing your staff overhead cost. We customize the space for your needs and provide a redundant power infrastructure.

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