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Telecommunications have become a critical aspect of business operations. BrightStar offers several options for VoIP phone systems and video streaming to meet your business needs.

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We provide you with your choice of voice and video services to help your team communicate how and when they need to. Our highly customizable options help ensure your business gets the solutions best suited for your needs.


Which type of VoIP is right for your business? If you’re having trouble identifying the technologies and features your business needs, you’re not alone. BrightStar has successfully helped many businesses navigate the confusing waters of VoIP technology to match the right system to your business.

PBX VoIP services are the most commonly used phone services for businesses.

If you need a smarter, more efficient phone service to meet you company’s growing needs, BrightStar’s PRI trunks is the solution. PRI trunks are best in situations where companies want to grow their existing investment in their traditional PBX while also benefiting from the better managed costs and improved quality of IP-based telephone services.

Although PRI is cost effective, it only allows 23 call paths at once. If you need more, it would require you to buy another PRI, meaning you would have 46 in total, and might pay for more than you need instead of getting the most out of your investment. Therefore, BrightStar SIP allows for customization that fits the size of your business. Whether you need 15 call paths or 40 call paths, our SIP can be configured to your exact needs.

Digital TV Services

Watch TV, even without a TV! Stream your favorite shows anywhere you go. BrightStar’s Digital TV services allows you to stream TV shows on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and any other mobile devices.

Business Lines

Most small businesses that do not have a PBX, or phone equipment, choose Business Lines as a low-cost option for their communication services. BrightStar Communications’ business lines offer all the different features and services you need to connect with you customers.

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