Network Security Services

When it comes to keeping your data secure and properly backed up, Brightstar does it best. We have years of experience in network security to ensure you get the peace of mind you need.

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Why Choose BrightStar?

What We Do

Our comprehensive network security services ensure the safety of your data and devices. With everything from virus protection to compliance implementation, we’ve got your security covered!

Managed Firewall

Our Managed firewalls start with a security audit that determines the needs of your business in regard to its firewall. Once the audit identifies your business’ security needs, the firewall is built and installed using the latest technology, and an off-site analyst monitor to manage all areas of the firewall, including troubleshooting and software updates. The firewall always monitored and any security issues that arise are immediately addressed.

Virus Protection

With Brightstar’s Data Security Services, you can be confident your entire business is protected, safeguarding your most important assets. Our team of expert technicians are always available to ensure that your network is equipped with the latest and most secure virus patches and updates. The cost-effective solutions we provide for Virus Removal and Network Security gives your business the certainty of being completely protected.

Data Backup

Your data is critical for running your business. When any problem arises, or even worse, your data is compromised, you need to know that your business will continue to operate with little interruption. At Brightstar, our specialists ensure you have the correct data backup solution, which mitigates the risk of interruption for your business should your data be compromised.

Disaster Recovery

Data loss can be catastrophic to a business. At Brightstar, we have a variety of different recovery options that will give you peace of mind by ensuring your important data will always be safe. We provide you with the recovery plan necessary to get your business back on track should disaster ever strike.

PCI DSS Compliance

The PCI DDS applies any company that accepts credit card payments. With Brightstar, your business can be better prepared to detect and stop attacks against your information by correctly implementing and maintaining PCI standards. We help you boost your security and comply with the latest PCI DSS mandates.

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