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Your business needs a secure Internet connection it can rely on at all times to perform optimally and facilitate productivity. With BrightStar’s Internet access services, you can enjoy total reliability and 100% uptime.

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Why Choose BrightStar?

What We Do

Ensuring your business’s success is our mission, and we make it happen by giving you the most reliable internet service available. You won’t find many providers who will make you a guarantee, but we do just that with a promise of 100% uptime.

Broadband Internet

Businesses need to make sure they always have enough bandwidth for all employees to operate on a daily basis. BrightStar’s broadband Internet service is fast and cheap and allows more content to be carried through the transmission pipeline.

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access is a line with a specified amount of bandwidth which has been reserved and dedicated for your own private use. Businesses benefit from Dedicated Internet Access because connections will never slow down due to congestion on the regular Internet. When you have your own dedicated Internet connection, your connections will always travel at the speed you were guaranteed.

IP Transit

BrightStar’s IP Transit services delivers the high-performance Internet connectivity that your business requires daily. This translates into much faster Internet access for you customers, which minimizes distance delays. With our seamless support and high-quality IP services, you will understand how we turned hundreds of carriers, providers, and businesses into loyal customers.

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