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With Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud options, we prioritize identifying and meeting the unique needs of your business by developing the Cloud solutions that work best for you.

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Why Choose BrightStar?

What We Do

Whether you need help with a complete transition to the Cloud or just some extra computing capacity, we’ll set you up with top-of-the-line Cloud solutions that will move your business forward.

Connect WANs to the Cloud

We’ll start by learning the services your business requires from the Cloud. We’ll help you break this down into the impact to both your network’s access and the additional bandwidth you’ll need across your WAN.

From there, we’ll recommend the best direct-to-Cloud solution from your WAN or suggest a more cost-effective Internet alternative.

Once you’ve decided on a recommendation, we’ll get you up and running and accessing the Cloud services you need.

Cloud Computing

We’ll provide you with the extra computing power you require, when you need it, and without your business incurring the costs of adding servers.

We’ll help you fit your requirements for on-demand capacity, cost-efficient utilization, and security compliance for the option that best fits your budget and your requirements.

We’ll then get you up and running with computing capacity that’s ready in the Cloud when you need to use it.

BrightStar can provide you with Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud Computing options.

Cloud Storage

Many businesses need better storage capacity options. We know your requirements for storage grow and will only continue growing.

BrightStar provides you with control over the storage, distribution, retrieval of your data, and security, just like the data that resides on your premises.

Server Backups

BrightStar provides you with the security of knowing that the data on your server is protected. When you need your data to be restored, you can easily recover it on-demand. This allows you to free up space on your servers’ internal storage.

We’ll help you start backing up your server data into a secure place in the Cloud so it’ll be there when you need it.

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