How Unified Communications Help Businesses

a man's hands are shown on a laptop displaying data and using a cell phone for unified communications

Unified communications is the solution for any business that’s looking to increase productivity, teamwork, and security. It refers to consolidating communication systems onto one platform, which can streamline communications and cut costs for companies of all sizes.

A unified communications (UC) framework integrates real-time communication tools and allows your employees to effectively collaborate through one centralized platform, no matter where they are.

Here are some of the ways businesses benefit from using unified communications:


In a traditional office, workers are often tied down to their desk phones or rely on numerous devices and platforms to engage with their coworkers. Unified communications offers flexibility and allows your employees to remain productive and available even when they’re not at the office.

For example, voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) phone systems allow employees to access your company phone system over the internet, meaning they can use a computer, cell phone, or other device to answer calls and interact with clients from any location.

Effective unified communications integrates all your communication platforms and software systems into one program and offers remote access to all your business data, a feature that is becoming ever more essential in our increasingly remote world.

Bundled Costs

Purchasing, integrating, and maintaining multiple platforms and software products for communication can cost your business a significant sum. Between the installation and subscription fees, your business could end up paying more for decreased productivity and communication. 

Unified communications increases collaboration and efficiency between coworkers, stakeholders, managers, and clients, all while charging only one consistent fee. By eliminating the need to constantly juggle a growing number of subscription costs, unified communications allows you to focus your attention, and your budget, on growing your business.

Increased Collaboration

Communication and collaboration are key to any business’s success. When communication methods are streamlined and housed on one platform, they become more accessible and more likely to be used.

Video conferencing can help a remote team form interpersonal connections and build on each other’s ideas, screen sharing can help employees efficiently demonstrate solutions to problems, and instant messaging can create an immediacy in conversation that encourages creativity.

When these capabilities are combined in one simple package, it becomes easier for employees to communicate with one another using the method that’s most effective for solving their specific problem.

Seamless Integration

One significant advantage unified communications has over other communication services is the capability of integrating directly with your business software.

Instead of having to sign into multiple accounts or disrupt the flow of work by tracking down information on another platform, your employees can have access to all the accounts and data they need in one place.

This can lead to greater efficiency and productivity as you save the time previously spent switching platforms and tasks.

A Centralized Platform

Different communication tools that are spread across programs and platforms can quickly become confusing for everyone involved. These systems can quickly lead to miscommunication, fall out of use, or become redundant. Not to mention, employees may get distracted when being forced to constantly switch tasks. One centralized platform allows for greater focus and efficiency.

Unified communications provides one centralized platform that is easy to use and can help reduce miscommunication.

If you’re looking to make the most of your communication investments and optimize your team’s productivity, contact BrightStar Communications to start getting the benefits of unified communications.